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Are you having trouble finding professional human resources translation services providing company? Quick Lingo offers fast, professional and cost effective human resources translation services. Simply get in touch with us.

Human resources translation is essential for companies that have a workforce from different linguistic backgrounds. Many documents form the basis of communication to maintain a well-informed and educated workforce. A company’s policies and procedures are required to be translated carefully with no room for error since it protects both the company and its employees. Training material and safety practices require accurate translation. At Quick Lingo, we are specialists in human resources translation. We continue to help numerous companies communicate with their employees and meet the special needs of their human resources department. From our team of translators available worldwide, we select only those with experience in human resources who translate only in their own mother tongue. Our goal is to provide 100% accurate human resources translations guaranteed by our dedicated team that work around the close to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.


Some of the Human Resources translation services we offer include:

  • Compliance documents
  • Workplace safety documents
  • Employee manuals and benefits plan
  • Training programs and videos
  • Insurance documents
  • Contracts
  • Corporate websites
  • Private and public offerings.



We do take strict measures to safeguard our clients’ privacy. Our systems are designed to fully comply with regulatory standards. Every Quick Lingo team member that works on a project is bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Other Foreign Language Services

Quick Lingo’s large workforce of expert translators, proofreaders, and industry professionals has allowed us to widen our range of language solutions across the board. We offer the following translation services in addition to human resources translation:



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