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We have worked with the team at Quick Lingo for some time and their quality and customer care levels are amongst the best we have encountered in the industry.

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Quick Lingo is always our go to agency for language translations and interpreting. We find them very professional, hands on and flexible with the way they offer their services.

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Quick Lingo provides us with services which go beyond the remits of translations. They help us enormously with their expertise throughout our campaigns.

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Translation and Interpreting Services

Quick Lingo is part of KL Translations Ltd Group, a translation company based in London, United Kingdom. Our company is among the best providers of translation services for businesses worldwide. KL Translations has been in the translation industry for over 7 years and has experienced a substantial amount of growth during the course of its existence.
Quick Lingo is directed to offering top quality translation and interpreting solutions to our clients based around the world. Our wide range of services includes legal translations, financial translations, medical translations and marketing translations. With over 10,000 certified mother-tongue translators across the globe, we can deal with any language, 24/7. No matter where you are in the world, whatever the language, we have the right solution for you and your business. We translate anything from business card to legal documents, and we do website translations as well.

A Professional Translation Agency

Quick Lingo is a professional translation agency headquartered in London, UK, providing high quality and professional language translation services to global clients. We offer all language solutions ranging from document translationwebsite translationinterpreting services, subtitling services, transcription servicesMultilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP), and software localization and translation.

Professional language translation services by qualified professional translators

At Quick Lingo, we commit ourselves to delivering excellence in language translation services worldwide. As a leading translation agency, we have a network of over 5000 qualified professional translators specializing in different fields of translation. Our language translators translate exclusively in their mother tongue and areas of expertise. Whether you require legal translation services or medical translation, we have expert translators in each field. Could it be interpreting services you require or you need to transcribe or subtitle a video/audio file? We have you covered in all corners. Our translation company is well equipped with language professionals who work as translators, interpreters, transcriptionists, and software localizers all working in their respective mother tongue. Most of our hand-picked translators, editors and proof-readers work in-house and we are able to call on the services of our carefully selected freelance translators too who are based in different countries across the globe. Our translations company is trusted by clients due to our efficient project management procedures, ability to meet deadlines and strict confidentiality of clients’ information. At Quick Lingo, we endeavour to deliver the highest standards of customer satisfaction at all times. Our customer care management teams handle clients’ queries round the clock.

High-quality language translation services

For over a decade now, Quick Lingo has emerged as a leading and recommended translation company serving reliable and completely accurate linguistic services. We understand how crucial and important communication is to business. Its role may mean a difference between success and failure! Quick Lingo is a professional language service provider with a passion for quality. Many businesses recommend us and thus,1/4 of our new clients are recommendations from our satisfied clients. With our handpicked and highly qualified teams of translators, transcribers, and in-house project managers on our database, we can deliver any linguistic requirement that you might have, in the way that works for you. The aim of our company is to provide the best professional translation service possible. With this in mind, we work with specialists in a wide variety of industries and disciplines to deliver precisely tailored results. Whatever the field, we can guarantee our quality will meet the technical standards of your discourse.

Our professional translation services

In the language and culture sector, our specialty is solving communication problems where language and culture are barriers. This includes all forms of written and spoken communication (e.g. large-scale multilingual website, a Chinese user guide, a Russian manual, a Swedish business card, or a French travel guide). Specifically, our translating and typesetting project experience includes legal document translation, technical manuals, medical data and communication, patents, training materials, marketing material such as brochures, newsletters, product packaging, websites and software localization. Our professional translation services include typesetting, interpreting and voice talent. If you’d like to know how we can help your business, simply send us an email. We shall fully analyse your requirements and look forward to working with you. Besides the quality of our services our company prides itself on providing outstanding customer services. Our team is ready to help you.
Our translation company based in London, UK, offers professional translation services to global businesses covering over 100 language combinations. At Quick Lingo, our translation services are fast, reliable, accurate and competitively priced. We work with various companies in London and across the globe providing them with complete language translation services. We deliver our translations to many sectors such as law firms, medical research firms, government agencies, marketing agencies, financial institutions, etc. Our professional translation services are ready for business and legal/ official use. We are confident that we can match your linguistic needs

Professional translation services for all document types

Our translation agency provides a reliable solution for document translation services. We deliver translations of all document types spanning different sectors and industries. Our translation company services professional document translation produced by highly qualified and native professional translators who command high profiled knowledge in their respective industries. We are proud to serve you with professional translation services in London and all other UK cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, etc, as well as any location in the world. At Quick Lingo, we deliver translations executed by industry specialist translators in their mother tongue and with an experience of over 7 years in the language translation industry. Some of the translation services we provide include;

Professional translation services in over 100 languages

Quick Lingo delivers professional translation services in over 100 languages to businesses and corporate clients worldwide. We deliver confidence in all languages, quickly and reliably. Our languages translated include; – Spanish, German, Urdu, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Slovakian, Greek, Latin, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Slovenian and many more.

Professional Translation Services for businesses around the world

With our knowledge about business, finances, and legal issues, Quick Lingo has the language solutions for all your business requirements. Whether you’re in London or anywhere in the world, we will serve you to your satisfaction, we serve businesses of all kinds. Our translation company is ideally placed to cater for law firms, public institutions and businesses in general. Whether you need a business translation or a legal translation, contact us today. Our translation agency caters for all language needs to businesses across the globe. Our services meet the highest language translation standards. If you are looking for reliable professional translation services, please contact us. Our team is waiting for your request. Contact us on sales@quicklingo.com or get an online translation quote. We also provide professional translation servicesinterpretingtranscription services, subtitling services and website translation as well us multilingual DTP.

We offer a complete and reliable language translation service covering over 100 languages across the globe. Our translation company delivers translations cutting through all industrial sectors. Quick Lingo was created with the aspiration to render excellent language translation services. With our experience and hard work, we deliver translation services with great enthusiasm to the clients’ project goals and enhance accuracy and consistency coupled with preciseness and high quality is the end result of our language translation services.

Our translation agency offers the wide range of language translation services, such as document translation, interpreting, transcription, subtitling and localization services. All this are delivered with letter-perfect accuracy and precise terminology management. Our industry-specific experience and a comprehensive network of native translators covering virtually every major language make us a recommended destination for professional language translation services. Below is a list of some of the languages we support for translation services.

Be ngaliKurdishSomali 
Brazilian PortugueseLaoSouthern Ndebele 
Canadian FrenchLingalaSwazi 
At , Quick Lingo we offer a full service of language translation to global clients at competitive rates. Our translation services are executed by industry expert translators with a professional working experience of more than 5 years and exclusively translate into their mother tongue. We commit ourselves to delivering on what we exactly promise and to surpass our clients’ expectations in terms of quality and accuracy. We deliver translation services in virtually all sectors including.

Sector specialist translators

Our sector specialist teams of translators, project managers, editors and proofreaders come from all sectors and work with dedication to ensure that every client is satisfied to the fullest. Your project is handled by our team of experts in the various fields, such as marketing, legal, medical, business, governance, human resources, technology, and many more. Our professional translators translate into their native language and are assigned to project in which they have extensive knowledge and experience in translating. Translation projects in finance; economics, business, banking, insurance, law, and government are regular requests for us. We offer the translation service as document translation on marketing, journalism, advertising, literature, and culture require additional attention and well. At least a minimum of 5 years’ experience is required for linguists to take on some specific projects such as social sciences, physical sciences, medicine, engineering, technology, and software. These are always translated by the linguists with at least 5 years of continuous experience in delivering translations in given specialization fields.

Our Sectors covered

We offer translation services to businesses in virtually all sectors. Our broad range of language services are served to clients in many industrial sectors including;
Legal services sector Energy, oil and gas
Media and publishing Market research
Banking and finance Life sciences
Government and public sector Travel and tourism
Automotive Insurance
Retail Market research
Non-profit and charities Medical
Technical Information technology
Online casinos, gaming and sports bet Engineering
Leisure and hospitality Marketing, advertising, and branding
Ecommerce Construction
Websites Education
Logistics Manufacturing
Pharmaceuticals Telecommunication and many more
For industry-specific translation services, contact us today. If you would like to  learn more about our translation services. You can fill in our free quote form above, or email us at sales@quicklingo.com
Quick Lingo is a worldwide translations company delivering professional translation services to global clients. With our head office based in London UK and several other branches across the globe, we are well placed to serve all your language translation needs irrespective of your location.

Translation services in London and the rest of UK

We offer cutting edge, quality translation services in London cutting across all sectors for clients in all boroughs of London. We are also available and serving our translation services in all other UK cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool,  Brighton,  Cambridge,  Hull, Newcastle,  Leicester, Norwich, oxford, Bristol, Nottingham, etc. click here to see all UK cities we serve.

Global language translation services

From Europe to AmericaAfrica to Asia, and Australia to Antarctica, Quick Lingo has got you covered with all your language translation needs. We are a translation company that bridges the communication gaps inform of text, voice and visual for a target audience maintaining cultural admiration, detail and value of the source language. Our translation agency has a strong global presence offering round-the-clock service. Our clients are both international and local, supporting Fortune 500 companies, medium and small businesses as well as corporate individuals.

Document delivery methods and confidentiality.

Our translation services are delivered online, through email, Fax, Yousendit, Post, Dropbox, FTP and any other electronic file sharing methods you will prefer. At Quick Lingo, we are committed to keeping our clients’ work confidential.  We respect and protect the privacy of the individuals that use our translation services. Individually identifiable information about you or other information/data disclosed to us is not disclosed to any third party without first receiving your permission. Quick Lingo treats all clients’ information with care. Contact us for more information about our translation services. You can fill in our free quote form above, or email us at sales@quicklingo.com 
Quick Lingo is a translation company with expertise in many translation fields. Our translation agency has over the years managed a multitude of translation projects coming from various industrial sectors. We serve fortune 500 companies, small and medium enterprises with professional and accurate translation services.

Translation services for all sectors

With an extensive network of professional talent and partners, industry expertise and the latest technology, our translation agency provides our clients with solutions that are within their budgets and meet their schedules. Quick Lingo utilizes the latest technology to bridge cultures. It is the combination of our linguistic expertise and understanding of cultures, tech savviness and quality translation services that sets us apart. Quick Lingo employs a wide range of specialists including language trainers, language materials developers, project managers, translators, interpreters, editors, proof-readers, programmers, network and communication specialists and more. We understand how tricky translation is, this is why we use expert and qualified language professionals to execute our translation services, interpretation, and subtitling and localization services. Our translation agency has successfully managed thousands of translation projects in a variety of different specializations. We are proud to declare that our linguists will handle the assignments of different complexity level. That’s how we are able to fruitfully manage different and numerous projects at one go.  Our translation agency works with only the highest quality professional translators from around the globe. We are proud to serve you with professional translation services related to your sector. We manage big volumes of translation projects coming from different industries and sectors on daily basis. We have complex skills in delivering linguistic services catering for any translation field and language requested. Some of the expert areas our translation agency specializes in include but not limited to;

Professional translators

We have developed a diverse and multicultural network of professionals and native linguists ready to offer translation services in many specialized areas. Our translation company is available for your language translation needs in any translation field We have a pull of over 5000 qualified professional translators delivering translations in their mother languages and specialized fields. This puts us on the top position of reliable translation agencies in the UK and the world at large offering excellent language translation services. We deliver translations of even the most rare languages simply because we are closely connected to many communities around the globe. We employ qualified and experienced translators with at least 5 years of constant translation work in their specific fields. Contact us for more information about our translation services. You can fill in our free quote form above, or email us at sales@quicklingo.com

At Quick Lingo, we offer high quality and professional translation of legal documents at legal aid agency rates. Translating legal documents can be complex for it requires the translator with perfect knowledge of the laws of the country in which the document is to be used. Our translation agency provides expert legal translators who are well-versed with both legal terminology and language expertise.

Professional legal document translation services

Quick Lingo provides all translation services for the legal sector.  With our knowledge about legal issues, we have the language solutions for any legal requirements. Whether you are looking for legal document translation services or legal interpreters for court sessions, we are ready for your call!

Our translation company is ideally placed to cater for law firms, solicitors, courts of law and tribunals as well as any business setting in any sector. Our legal translators are well versed with the UK Laws, and therefore, will translate your document within the UK law context

Whether you need to translate a legal document, transcribe a legal file of any format or you require a legal interpreter, we are well prepared to deliver a top class and reliable legal document translation and interpreting services at legal aid agency rates.

We deliver legal document translation services precisely on time and agreed budgets. Our legal aid translation services cover all forms of legal documents.  We accept UK Legal Aid rates for document translation and interpreting services. We translate legal documents such as;

  • Wills and testaments
  • Contract documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Certified documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Immigration documents
  • And many more

Legal translation services covering over 100 languages

We deliver confidence in all languages, quickly and reliably. We deliver over 100 languages including; Italian, Polish, German, Slovakian, Slovenian, Romanian, Latvian, French, Lithuanian, Hungarian Spanish, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Croatian, Portuguese, Punjabi and many more. Click here to see all our languages.

Contact us for more information about our translation services. You can fill in our free quote form above, or email us at sales@quicklingo.com

Our translation company based in London provides translation services across the UK including in big cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and other UK business centers. Our translation agency has vast experience in delivering reliable translation and interpreting services to various sectors on a global scale.

Reliable translation company in London

For over a decade now we have come up to be one of the most reliable translation companies providing complete translation and interpreting services in London and worldwide. Our translation agency delivers over 100 languages ensuring that translations are done perfectly accurate and delivered within deadlines. We are also able to take up translations on short notice as we understand that sometimes emergencies requiring translation services normally arise. We know how busy our business clients are, that is why we take your deadlines seriously. Working with us, you can rest assured that your translation will be highly accurate, right on time and on budget. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all of our projects.

Customer service

We are not just passionate about languages, we are also passionate about customer service. Our translation agency is committed to delivering the most accurate translation services to global clients. We place emphasis in making sure that all our clients are completely satisfied with our linguistic services. We do this by ensuring efficient project management and quality assurance, careful selection of translators and interpreters who are more diligent to their work, application of up-to-date technologies, fast deliveries of translated documents, competitive pricing among many more We strive to build  long-lasting relationships by offering high-quality translation services from the first approach. Our translation company is determined to change the way of providing translation services by transforming it into an easy and pleasant experience. Contact us for more information about our translation services. You can fill in our free quote form above, or email us at sales@quicklingo.com